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About Our Band

IV Stone Music & Genres:

It's important for any young band to know their audience but it's equally important to play from the heart. The energy in our performance emulates our passion for the songs we're playing and any IV Stone fan can attest to this. Our "cover songs" span all genres and ages of music but we only play the best of the best songs. A typical set-list includes a mix of classic rock,dance,country, pop,andalternative rock. Our original songs do not follow one music genre. With each new song we write, the genre and IV Stone "Sound" continues to evolve. Most public performances are a 90/10 split of cover songs and originals. Show lengths are typically 4 hours with a 20 min break in the middle. Eddie Kurek IV is the IV Stone Front Man however with the  high versatility between members, you will often encounter best friends Mike Lee and Troy Landis fronting lead vocals multiple times during a show. The truth behind IV Stone's music is to entertain our fans while doing what we enjoy. We would like to thank all of our customers and fans who have given us the chance to do this!

IV Stone's Music

IV Stone Band Bio:

The IV Stone band started playing paid gigs just after best friends & founding members Eddie Kurek IV and Mike Lee graduated North Penn High School in 2012. By Thanksgiving of 2012, Eddie & Mike were able to pull in 2 friends to get the band off it's feet and the band started playing paid gigs under the IV Stone name. After gaining experience and playing for a couple years, the band decided to expand and they added extra songs that required Eddie to spend more time on keyboards. This presented an opportunity to bring in another best friend from High School and permanent member - Troy Landis was signed to share lead guitar with Eddie. At the end of 2015 (shortly after the signing of Troy), permanent member - Johnny Zabo answered a drummer add on the wall at "Georges Music" for a different band - that "different band" happened to be friends with IV Stone and following an extended audition, Johnny was signed on Drums with IV Stone. From the years of 2013 through 2016, the band averaged 100 shows/year and they were lucky to enjoy the talents of multiple friends who filled in on different instruments while they searched for their permanent members. The most recent addition to the band is Bassist, Mike Desoto, who was found in November of 2016 behind the counter at "Sam Ash" music store in King of Prussia. Mike is currently performing with IV Stone and is expected to be the final puzzle piece for the Band. With the help from their manager who fills in as engineer and producer, this extremely hard working, talented group has consistently won the favor of unsuspecting venues and fans with every performance. The band has a track record of hosting weddings with non-stop dancing as well as hosting large stadium festivals and corporate events. The casino's, bars and private party venues have been the mainstay favorite for this band in the Tristate area. The energy coming off IV Stone's performances coupled with song choices to match each venue always leaves their fans happy and coming back. With the Band Leader (Eddie Kurek) recently finishing his Bachelors degree in Vocal Performance in 2016, IV Stone has started their professional journey in music. The IV Stone band writes, performs and produces their own songs under "IV Stone Sound Company". All signed members and their manager share equally in the fruits of this labor of love and hold on to the dream of sharing the limelight with the greats in the music industry. The band has an arsenal of original songs under production that are scheduled for public distribution in 2017. The members continue to stay grounded as they advance their talents and fan base with every new gig -but- most importantly, we are having fun making people happy and doing what We enjoy!

IV Stone Gets Connected:

After 400 gigs and 5 years of searching for a professional agency to support our booking needs, IV Stone and Shore Bets Entertainment entered into a contract in early 2017. The mutual respect and flexibility that permeates the new relationship is serving as an incredible foundation for our next step in the music industry. With the help of Shore Bets, we are now performing in a four state region and our original songs are gaining momentum every week..

Shore Bets